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XXL Adventure is the leading company in Scandinavia, selling fishing trips, hunting trips and horse riding trips all over the world! Planning a truly memorable vacation takes experience and expertise. XXL Adventure is a hands-on travel company that delivers the knowledge you are looking for. We will book and arrange the perfect vacation. You get personalized assistance in choosing the best trip for you — and there’s never a charge for using our services. You pay less or the same as you would by booking direct. We work to make your dream come true!


placeholderFlemming Wilberg


Email:  flemming.w@xxl.no
Dir.tlf:  +47 23 17 70 12
Mob: +47 918 24 405

Flemming is the CEO of XXL Adventure, and a very avid fly fisherman. He has fished on all continents of the earth, but thrives best on the flats in warm and beautiful Caribbean. Contact Flemming directly if you want to look into a fishing trip, or business related questions.


placeholderØyvind Tyribakken


Email: oyvind.tyribakken@xxl.no
Dir.tlf:  +47 23 17 70 33
Mob: +47 907 74 992

Oyvind is in charge of all our huntigtrips. Please contact Oyvind directly if you want to look into a hunting trip.

He is also in charge of all our hunting courses.


placeholderIngunn J Kvamme


Email: ingunn.k@xxl.no
Dir.tlf: +47 48254733

Ingunn is in charge of all our horse riding trips. Please contact Ingunn directly if you want to look into a horse riding trip.

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